1053 Ultra High Compression Classic Waist Cincher

Size Guide
Waist Cinchers Size Guide
SIZE Height (cms): 1.52-1.67 Height (cms): 1.70-1.82 HIPS WAISTLINE
 US EUR Weight kg Weight kg cms cms
XS 34 48-52 53-59 90-95 60-65
S 36 53-59 59-68 95-100 65-70
M 38 59-68 68-77 100-105 70-75
L 40 68-77 78-86 105-110 75-80
XL 42 78-86 87-95 1110-115 80-85
2XL 44 87-95 96-104 115-120 85-90
3XL 46 96-104 105-109 120-125 90-95

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The 1053 Curvaceous Highest Compression Hourglass Waist Training Cincher Made out of 3 Plus Dル Instantly Gives You Sumptuously Natural Curves Using Luxurious, Date Safe, Sensual Fabric that Burns Fat Without Latex Tire Smell.

Begs to Be Touched! ONLY Date Enhancing, Sweat-Blocking, Smell-Repelling, Breathably Lightweight, Sensually Soft, No-Odor Hourglass Trainer Feels Like Silky Lingerie So You Can Wear It Day and Night.

* Imagine YOU, Instantly Look 2 Sizes Smaller, Burning 2X More Fat, Gaining Perfect Posture: Promotes proper posture, waist reducing perspiration as it flattens your midsection and back. Look slim now! .

* Ultra-High-Compression 10/10 3 PLUS Dル Structure Trains Your Waist to Perfect Hourglass Shape: Instantly get curves every time you easily slip into this touchably soft, breathable waist trainer.

Instantly Reshapes You to Reveal Your Most Naturally Seductive, Sexy Hourglass Curves: Imagine stepping into a room and turning heads like never before at an event, the office, anywhere and everywhere!..

Burns Away Unwanted Back, Side and Stomach Fat, Without Overheating: Therma- Boost Technology melts away your fat by increasing perspiration as breakthrough stay-fresh fabric wicks away sweat ...

The 1053 REINVENTED Waist Training Cincher Max All-Day Comfort Technology Corrects Posture, Relieves Back Pain: Perfect for moms, the Flexible Internal Steel-Boning Provides Unbeatable Level 10/10 Ultra High Compression that bends when you do. ..

Wear our 1053 Curvaceous Advanced Hourglass Waist Training Cincher after surgery or post-partum, to protect and tighten your skin..

Perfect-Fit, Easy-Clean, Stay-Cool, Hypoallergenic Design: Latex-free, soft interior lining with 3 hook'n'eye closure lines create perfect fit, plus keeps you feeling fresh, without irritating skin.